ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales
What to Consign


We recommend consigning a minimum of 25 items, but there is no limit to how much you can sell or earn!  (*IMPORTANT*  If you consign more than 300 items, you are required to help sort unless you choose to donate all your unsold items. The sort shift for these "Super Sellers" does not count for a higher earning percentage, earlier volunteer pre-sale passes, or free participation fee.  If a Super Seller is unable to help sort, $30 will be deducted from their consignor check.)

We accept the following new and gently-used items.  Please read 
Preparing Your Items
 for more details. 


Newborn, baby, kids, juniors, men’s, women’s, and maternity clothing in great condition.  Must be clean, no stains, odors, or flaws, newer than 4 years.  All seasons are accepted; however in-season clothing sells better.  No limit on kids clothing.  COMBINED LIMIT of 25 men’s and/or women’s clothing items, preferably in-season.  Up to 25 Maternity items are also allowed, in addition to the 25 men's/women's items. Adult clothing does not sell as well as kids’ clothes. Please bring only your best.

Footwear:  Shoes, sandals and boots in excellent, clean condition and current styles. All sizes except NO MENS SHOES, size 8 and up, due to lower demand.

Outerwear: Coats, jackets, snow pants, hats, mittens, scarves.

Dancewear: dance shoes, costumes, dress-up clothes.

Athletic apparel: sports pants, sports cleats.


Baby Gear

· Baby equipment

· Strollers

· Bassinets

· Exersaucers

· High chairs

· Bouncy seats

· Swings

· Pack 'n plays (assembled)

· Changing tables

· Baby gates

· Baby carriers, slings, wraps.

· Bathing gear: baby bathtubs, potty chairs, diaper genies, bath toys, towels.

· Feeding gear: kids dishes and utensils. Baby bottles are acceptable, but no used nipples or used sippy cups.

· Breast pumps are acceptable, but please remove used tubing and horns.

· Cloth diapers. Must be laundered, clean, and NO STAINS.

· Disposable diapers. New, unopened packages only.

· Car seats, booster seats - only if you are the original owner, and the seat is less than 5 years old, not recalled, and never been in an accident. You must check this website for recalls before consigning your child safety seat:
· IMPORTANT: Due to the crib standard effective 6/28/11, at this time we do not accept ANY cribs for sale.



Toys, Sports, and Play Equipment 

· Toys are big sellers!  Must be clean and in very good condition. No broken, cracked, dirty, or incomplete toys. Battery operated toys must have working batteries installed. 

· Games, dolls, puzzles.

· Outdoor toys and gear: outside play houses, slides, wagons, climbing toys, swings.

· Doll houses, play kitchens, tool benches, art tables, train tables.

· Battery-operated stuffed animals that do something, Build-a-Bears and Pillow Pets. (No "plain" stuffed animals.)

· Bikes, trikes, scooters, riding toys, wagons.

· Sports gear: hockey and ice skates, skis, baseball gloves, rollerblades, shin guards, golf clubs, skateboards, football helmets, balls, fishing gear, etc. 

· Exercise equipment: yoga mats, exercise balls, etc.


· Children's books are great sellers! Board books, picture books, story books, chapter books.

· STRICT LIMIT OF 5 NON-CHILDREN'S BOOKS (fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, self-help, gift books) due to lower demand. Bring only your best.  

· Parenting books.

· Homeschooling resources, educational activities.

· NO college textbooks.


· Gaming systems: Wii, PS, Xbox, games, accessories.

· Handheld video games.

· Music CD's (no cassettes).

· Movies: DVD's and VHS, G, PG, PG13, and R are acceptable but we reserve the right to decline any video that we feel is not appropriate for our family-friendly crowd.  Children's VHS movies are OK, no "non-kid" VHS videos due to low demand. Children's VHS movies must be priced at $1.00 each and DISCOUNTED, regardless of the title. You may bundle them, but the price-per-video must be still be $1.00 or less.

· Stereos, clocks, phones, DVD/Blu-Ray players (see below for unacceptable items).

Kids Décor

· Nursery and kids room furniture

· Rocking chairs

· Children's dressers and night stands

· Small bookshelves

· Toy boxes

· Toddler beds

· Wall art

· Lamps

· Crib mobiles

· Kid-size table and chairs

· Children's bedding - quilts, crib sheets, blankets, comforters. NO CRIB BUMPERS (due to CPSC recommendation for sleeping infants), except for breathable bumpers.

Home, Garden & Pets

· Home décor and furnishings: lamps, artwork, mirrors, new candles, pillows, rugs, picture frames, bedding, table linens. (Current styles of décor only, i.e. no country or brass & glass)

· Small appliances: Like-new and clean coffee makers, juicers, ice cream makers, countertop grills, waffle makers, vacuums, etc. Include owners manual if possible.

· Kitchenware: excellent condition bakeware, cookware, flatware, dinnerware sets. Multiple piece sets must be packaged together.  

· Small furniture: dressers, nightstands, end tables, coffee tables.

· Hand tools and power tools: If battery-operated or rechargeable, must include working batteries and/or charger. No gas-powered tools.

· Gardening equipment: Clean and excellent condition.

· Small kitchenette tables and chairs.

· Pet supplies: food dishes, leashes, toys, harnesses. Must be clean and like-new.

· Seasonal décor.


· Scrapbooking supplies

· Rubber stamps

· Beads

· Jewelry making supplies

· New art supplies

· Stationery

Accessories, Etc.

· Women's accessories: purses, handbags, scarves, hats, watches, belts, wallets, jewelry (jewelry must be priced under $20).

· Men's accessories: wallets, belts, ties, watches, hats.

· Kid’s accessories:  hair clips, headbands, hats, belts, ties, etc.

· Health and beauty products: brand new in package.


Be sure to check this list before tagging your items. We will not accept:

· Untagged or improperly prepared items.

· Any recalled item. It is your responsibility to make sure you don't bring in a recalled item to sell. Click here for a searchable list of recalled products.

· Cribs.

· Clothing with stains, holes, tears, ripped seams, missing buttons, worn-out elastic, pilling, broken zippers or snaps, out of style (older than 4 years), or odor. Due to allergies and sensitivities, clothing must be free of all odors in order to be accepted. If your clothing has been in a smoking environment, it needs to be freshly laundered, and then prepped, stored, and transported in a smoke-free environment.

· Children’s garments with drawstrings around the neck or through the hood.

· Battery-operated items without batteries.

· Crib bumpers (breathable bumpers are ok).

· Stuffed animals, except battery-operated stuffed animals, Build-a-Bears and Pillow Pets.

· Any item that is dirty, worn-out, missing parts, or "vintage".

· Children's jewelry (due to possible high lead content).

· Used undergarments, pacifiers, baby bottle nipples, sippy cups, breast pump accessories (tubing, horns, etc).  All of these must be NEW in original packaging.

· Fast food kid's meal toys.

· College textbooks.

· Men’s shoes, size 8 and up.

· Gas-powered tools.

· For safety reasons, no knives (kitchen or hunting).

· Twin size or larger beds or mattresses.

· Couches, love seats.

· Large dining room sets.

· TV's

· Large entertainment centers.

· Computers, computer monitors, printers.

· Large appliances (fridges, ovens, washer/dryers, etc).

· Any item that we feel will not sell for any reason.


If you have a question about an item that is not on these lists, please contact us to determine if it is acceptable to consign. 


Please check your items carefully before bringing them to the sale.  All merchandise will go through Inspection when you arrive for drop off, and we are PICKY! Please understand if we do not accept some of your merchandise.  The sale will be full of great quality items that you and your friends, family and neighbors will be thrilled to find. We just don't have room for anything that's not-so-great.