ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales
Tagging Supplies

are available to help you get your items ready for the sale.  Everything you need for preparing, packaging, and tagging your items.

Your Treasure Hunt Tagging Kit includes:

  • 1 tagging gun.  For attaching price tags to your clothing. Saves you time, and helps keep your tags intact. Includes instructions for use.
  • 500 tagging gun barbs.
  • 1 replacement tagging gun needle.
  • 40 sheets of white cardstock.  Enough for 240 price tags.
  • 100 premium quality safety pins.  For pinning pants and outfits onto hangers.
  • 10 - 1 gallon size ziploc bags. For grouping similar items like Legos or a set of blocks together.
  • 10 - 1 quart size ziploc bags. For smaller sets of items, like Hot Wheels or Polly Pockets.
  • 100 zip-ties. Sturdy little plastic ties, handy for connecting shoes or multiple piece items together.
  • 1 pair of scissors. For cutting your tags apart, cutting your tape and ribbon, etc.
  • 1 magic eraser. Makes your indoor and outdoor toys shine, removes scuff marks from shoes.
  • 1 roll of packing tape. For attaching tags to most of your non-clothing items, and sealing ziploc bags shut.
  • 1 roll of blue painters tape.  Gentler than packing tape, this is perfect for attaching tags to books and board game boxes, and taping games and puzzle boxes shut.
  • All conveniently packed in a sturdy, easy-to-tote box.

The Treasure Hunt Tagging Kit is available for the special price of only $30, cash or credit card. 

Limited supply.  Available for pick-up in Lakeville.  
Contact us to reserve yours.

Other supplies:

  • Hangers. $5/100 hangers, limited supply.
  • Batteries. All battery-operated items MUST have working batteries in them.  You can get packs of up to 4-8 batteries at the dollar store.
  • Tagging barbs.  We have barbs available for $2 per 500.
  • Tagging guns.  2 options - BUY or BORROW:
    • BUY: Tagging guns are available for purchase for $15, includes replacement needle (cash only please).
    • BORROW:  Consignors may borrow a tagging gun for free in exchange for hanging two sale posters  provided by Treasure Hunt Sales. A $15 cash or check deposit (made out to Treasure Hunt Sales) is required which will be returned when you return the gun at your merchandise drop-off.  Your check deposit will not be cashed unless you decide you'd like to keep the gun, in which case, it covers the cost. Guns and barbs are available for pickup in Lakeville.  Limited supply - contact us to reserve yours! Please note: Use of the tagging gun is free; barbs are $2 per 500.
Important: When using a tagging gun, put the tag through a label or seam, not through the fabric of a garment.