ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales
Questions and Answers

Q.  How much should I price my items?
  A good rule of thumb is to mark your items at about 25% of what you paid for them.  For example, the shirt you paid $10 for would be reasonably priced around $2.50, depending on condition and brand.  Premium brands may be on the higher end, standard brands on the lower. For more pricing tips, see "Help! I Have No Idea How to Price My Items".

Q.  Should I discount my items for the 1/2 price sale?
  That's up to you, but keep in mind that if your item hasn't sold for full price during the regular sale, it's unlikely to sell for full price during the 1/2 Price Sale. It makes sense to consider discounting your items, especially if you are planning to donate your unsold items anyway.

Q: Where can I find hangers?
Click here for a list of places to get free or cheap hangers.

Q:  Do I get my hangers back?
  To keep the check-out lines moving, there isn't time to remove hangers, especially if clothing is pinned to them, and to sort them by consignor.  You do get to keep all the hangers on the clothes that you purchase at the sale. 
Also, as a special perk to volunteers, at pick-up time after the sale, volunteers are welcome to take home any hangers we've collected during the sale.

Q: Why can't I sell my kids' stuffed animals? They're so cute!
2 reasons: they take up a LOT of space in our limited sale area, and they just don't sell well. You can still sell battery-operated stuffed toys, Build-A-Bears, and Pillow Pets.

Q.  How can I get into the pre-sale?
  Volunteers shop FIRST, and you don't need to consign to volunteer.  The more hours you volunteer, the earlier you shop.  Next in the door are Consignors , then New Moms. 
Finally, the public is welcome for a special fundraiser pre-sale with a $10 cash donation per adult at the door for a charity to be determined.

Q.  I didn't consign this time.  Can I still shop at the sale?
  Absolutely!  Everyone is welcome to shop at the public sale.  Bring along a friend, sister, mom or neighbor, and enjoy the thrill of the Hunt together! Admission is free during all sale hours.

Q.  If I don't want to donate my unsold items, how do I get them back?
  Click here for the pick-up times for the upcoming sale.  We'll have your items sorted by your consignor number, so you can just grab them and go. Bring boxes or bins to transport your items to your vehicle.

Q. Do you accept tags from other consignment sales?
Due to a number of reasons (consistency of tags, quality and pricing of "leftover" merchandise, speed and accuracy of check-out process, etc.), we no longer accept tags from other sales. If you have merchandise from another sale, you will need to re-price and re-tag using Treasure Hunt Sales tags.