ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales

 Preparing Your Items

Follow these simple steps, and you're on your way to consignor success!

1. Sign up to be a consignor.

2. Gather your items to sell - recommended minimum is 25 items. For quicker entry, sort your clothing by gender and size, and your other items by category, i.e. Toys, Books, etc. Make sure your items are clean and look great! Presentation is huge - make your merchandise look fresh and clean, and it will pay off for you at the sale.

CLOTHING: All clothing must be on hangers before you bring them to drop-off.  Plastic, wire and wood hangers are all acceptable. Use appropriate-sized hangers, with the hook facing left, so the top looks like a question mark (diagram below). The hangers shouldn't stretch out the clothing, but they should be big enough so the clothes won't slide off: child-size for most infant to size 6 clothes, adult-size for larger sizes and items with wide neck openings. Your clothing will be sold with the hangers. Likewise, you can keep the hangers from any clothes that you buy at the sale.


Hang all onesies and pj's on hangers, not in ziploc bags. Shoppers want to see and touch all the pieces. You may hang multiple onesies or pj's on a single hanger to sell together.

Pants, skirts, and shorts: Use clip-type pants hangers, or fasten them to the TOP part of regular hangers with large safety pins. For two-piece outfits, hang the shirt on the hanger as usual, then pin the bottoms behind the shirt to the top part of the hangerZip, button, tie and snap all fasteners.

Footwear: Shoes, sandals and boots need to be in excellent condition, with little or no sign of wear. Use ribbon, zip ties, or string to fasten shoes together through the laces, buckles or loops. Or put shoes in large ziploc bags.

Childrens, Juniors, and Womens Sizes: If a clothing item is labeled as Small, Medium, Large, etc., convert it to a numbered size. Clothing will be hung on racks, separated by gender and organized by numbered sizes, so shoppers can easily find what they're looking for. Since "Medium" might mean 7-8 in one brand, but 10-12 in another, select your numbered size based on other similar sized clothing. If in doubt, choose the smaller size so the buyer has a little room to grow.

Mens Sizes ONLY: Use this chart to select Mens Small, Mens Medium, etc. sizes from the drop-down menu.









































Break out the elbow grease and make your toys and equipment shine! Shoppers want to buy items that look new. The better your item looks, the better it will sell!  Magic Erasers and Clorox wipes work wonders on toys, strollers, high chairs, baby furniture, etc. Wash each part of the item - straps, seat covers, buckles, attached toys, legs, etc. Don't forget to clean the undersides too!

Small items: Small, similar items can be grouped together in ziploc bags to bring the price up to $1.00 (matchbox cars, socks, books).

Games: Must be 100% complete. Tape boxes shut to keep them that way!

Board puzzles: Wrap in clear plastic wrap and secure with packing tape on the back.

Items with small parts or accessories: Place all small parts in a ziploc bag labeled with your consignor number, in case it gets detached during the sale. SEAL THE BAG SHUT with packing tape, and tape or tie the bag to the main item.

Books: Use a strip of masking tape or blue painters tape across the top of the tag instead of packing tape. The masking tape is less permanent and won't peel the cover when it's removed. If possible, cover up the book’s original UPC code with your tag so our scanners don’t scan the wrong barcode.

Furniture: All furniture (Little Tikes play equipment, pack 'n plays, toddler beds, etc.) must be assembled. You are responsible for assembling your items. If your furniture does not sell and you do not wish to donate it, you will also be responsible for disassembling it.

If you have original manuals or instructions, include them with the item. Your item is more likely to sell (and at a higher price) if a manual is included.

Batteries: ALL battery-operated items must have working batteries installed.  Dollar store batteries are fine.

3. Log in to your Consignor Homepage
and click Work With Consigned Inventory.

4. Enter a description and price for each item. Make sure your description is detailed enough so in case the tag becomes separated from the item, we would be able to match them up again. Include details like color, type of clothing, brand, etc.

Minimum price is $0.50,
with 50 cent increments. In general, think about pricing your items at about 25% of what you paid for them. Premium brands like Gymboree, Limited Too, and BabyGap can be priced on the higher end. Standard brands from Target, Walmart, or Kohl's should be on the lower end. Mark if you want to discount your item for the Half Price sale, and if you want to donate your item if it doesn't sell.

5. Print tags. You can print selected tags at any time, or wait till you're done entering all your items. Tags print out 6 per page. Use white or light-colored cardstock and black ink only. DO NOT use regular printer paper. It is not strong enough to hold up under safety pins or a tagging gun. Use the default printer settings, NOT high quality or dark printing; those settings will make the barcodes hard to scan.

6. Attach tags to your items. Use safety pins or a tagging gun (no straight pins!) to attach tags to the top right corner of clothing as you're looking at it (see diagram above). When using a tagging gun, put the tag through a label or seam, not through the fabric of a garment.

Non-fabric clothing:
For items that may be damaged by pins, (i.e. swim suits, raincoats, or costumes), pin the tag to a label or seam.

Non-clothing items: Use clear packing tape (not scotch tape) to attach the tag to an easy-to-see place on the item.

Consignors may borrow a tagging gun for free in exchange for hanging two sale posters provided by Treasure Hunt Sales.  A $15 cash or check deposit is required which will be returned when you return the gun at your merchandise drop-off.  If you decide you'd like to keep the gun, your deposit covers its cost.  Available for pickup in Lakeville, or add $5 (non-refundable) to have it mailed to you. Limited supply - contact us to reserve yours!  Please note: Use of the tagging gun is free; barbs are $2 per 500.

Important: When using a tagging gun, put the tag through a label or seam, not through the fabric of a garment.

All-inclusive Tagging Kits are also available for purchase.
Click here for details.

All items must be prepared and tagged as instructed above before bringing them to Drop-Off. Hangers, batteries and ziploc bags will be available for purchase at Inspection if your items are not properly prepared.