ConsignmentMommies - Children's Seasonal Consignment Sales
Drop - Off
May 2017 Sale Merchandise Drop-Off Times

Drop-off times will be available Sunday through Tuesday, April 30 - May 2. After you register as a consignor, you can view and select a drop-off time from your Consignor Homepage.

Click here to select a drop-off time.

Do NOT schedule your drop-off during your volunteer shift.

 **Evening slots (after 5pm) are very high-demand.  If you have the flexibility to choose a morning or afternoon slot, that would be very helpful! Thank you!**

If none of the available times are convenient for you, please
contact us, and we'll work out a time that works for you.

At your chosen drop-off time:
  • Drive up to the back door of Ames Arena, check in, and receive your Pre-Sale Passes.
  • You may use our rolling racks and carts to transport your items into the building.
  • Your items will go through Inspection.
  • After Inspection you are responsible for placing your merchandise on the sales floor on the appropriate clothing racks, tables and bins. The number of items you bring will determine how much time you need to allow for this task. 

That's it!  Doesn't it feel good to clear out the clutter?  Now it's time to start your shopping list for the pre-sale!